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Customer Gallery
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#013 choker necklace and #014 bracelet with horseshoe
and smooth silver beads
#012 bracelet and #011 necklace with CZ beads added
#014 bracelets with various bead combinations
Rope, round or square braids best for beads
#025 belts with horsehair inlays. Nameplates can be added
#014 bracelet with multiple silver spacers and
horse disc bead
#014 bracelet with silver horseshoe in square braid
#014 bracelet with colored enamel swirl  beads.
Available in red, white, blue, green, black, pink
and yellow
#005 cuff bracelet with silver and brass ball ends
#014 Bracelets beads- horseshoe or letter beads
sterling letters $10 per bead
#019 Keychain with beads
#016 Bracelet with CZ beads
#019 Keychain with hangtag heart
Pricing is located on the Jewelry Showcase page for foundation of jewelry item then beads and charms are add ons.
#003 Double bracelet in a few variations. Smooth or swirl beads available in
a straight, knot or 3 bead pattern. Available in round, rope or square braids
#002 Necklace with sterling horseshoe. Available in round,
rope, square or flat braid
#027 Tail piece available with the large round, striped
top or with the smaller oval top with hearts
#035 comfort fit ring made in sterling silver
with an inlay of horsehair
#033 and #034 Necklace an bracelets with 14k yellow gold
tubing and end pieces
#029 Browband with horsehair inlay
#014 bracelet with glass pandora type
bead and smooth silver spacers and
running horse charm
#008 round braid necklace with the clasp
moved to front for heart hangtag
#013 necklace in a round braid with the pearl
pandora type ($20) bead and cz spacer beads
#012 bracelet with horseshoe beads added
#012 bracelet with enamel beads added
#010 bracelet with heart hangtag out of three
horses tails separated
#035 square fit ring made in sterling silver
with an inlay of horsehair
#014 bracelet with sterling silver alphabet beads
#014 bracelet with 3 enamel beads
#014 with a small horseshoe charm
#014 bracelet with 2 silver smooth spacers and a CZ
bead in the center
#014 with CZ spacer beads and a barrel bead in
center ($20)
Earring variations in small loops (#022-$75) and tassels (#022T-$45)
#014 bracelet shown in a flat braid with the puffy heart charm
Custom Horse Hair Jewelry